About Us

The Division of Microbial Ecology (DOME) at the Centre for Microbiology and Environmental Systems Science (CeMESS) is a team of microbiologists and molecular biologists. Our mission is to unravel the complexities of microbial life and its profound impact on our health and environment.

Our research explores the evolution, ecophysiology, interactions and functions of microbes across a broad range of systems. We apply cutting-edge methods, from 'omics analysis, to single-cell isotope probing, to microbial imaging, to computational community modelling.

Get to know our research by exploring our active projects and the researcher profiles of our principle investigators. 

At DOME, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of scientists at every level of education, including undergraduate and doctoral programs, as well as intensive methods-based courses.



DOME senior scientists Katharina Kitzinger and Daan Speth recently co-authored a landmark paper in Nature led by a team from the Max Planck Institute...


DOME is excited to announce the appointment of Barbara Bayer as a new Assistant Professor (Tenure Track). Her research focusses on the interactions...


This Friday from 17:00 the University of Vienna Biology Building foyer will become an open space for the general public to experience interactive...


Roland Hatzenpichler

Associate Professor at Montana State University, USA

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Eva Nováková

Associate Professor at the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic

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Aileen Berasategui López

Assistant Professor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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 Latest Publications

Morel-Letelier, I, Yuen, B, Kück, AC, Camacho-García, YE, Petersen, JM, Lara, M, Leray, M, Eisen, JA, Osvatic, JT, Gros, O & Wilkins, LGE 2024, 'Adaptations to nitrogen availability drive ecological divergence of chemosynthetic symbionts', PLoS Genetics, vol. 20, no. 5, e1011295. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pgen.1011295

Awala, SI, Gwak, J-H, Kim, Y, Jung, M-Y, Dunfield, PF, Wagner, M & Rhee, S-K 2024, 'Nitrous oxide respiration in acidophilic methanotrophs', Nature Communications, vol. 15, no. 1, 4226. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-024-48161-z