Univ.-Prof. Dr. Holger Daims






Deputy Head of the Division of Microbial Ecology

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Our research focuses on microorganisms driving the biogeochemical nitrogen cycle, with particular emphasis on key players in the nitrification process: nitrite-oxidizing bacteria (NOB) and complete ammonia oxidizers (comammox). Employing various molecular, 'omics', and microbial physiology techniques, we identify new nitrifying microbes and investigate the metabolism, ecophysiology, and evolution of these elusive organisms. Our objective is to gain a fundamental biological understanding of nitrification in natural and engineered ecosystems, which could also improve management practices in agriculture and wastewater treatment, and mitigate greenhouse gas (nitrous oxide) emissions.

Another area of interest are microbe-microbe interactions within complex microbiomes, such as biofilms in engineered and natural environments. Integrating 'omics', fluorescence and chemical imaging, and computational approaches, we pinpoint microbial partners and uncover their in situ interactions. Our aim is to reveal core principles of microbial interactions that govern the composition, spatial structuring, and functional adaptability of microbial communities.

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